First Aid


First Aid Skills Everyone Should Know

An emergency situation can occur to anyone at any time so it’s better that one should be alarmed by the situation spontaneously and should be vigilant enough to react accordingly. This situation becomes pretty imminent when you’re a parent or in charge of the well-being and care of children or adults. The emergency situation demands a person be well aware of the required treatment for the particular impairment. In the following article, we’ll list four basic first aid skills that are needed to know by everyone.

To Stop Bleedingfdfbdfbfbfdbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbfdbdfb

If an instance of someone bleeding heavily occurs, they will not be capable enough to produce a clot, and the blood will continue to shed. What can you do in this situation? To stop the bleeding, apply pressure on the wound preferably with a clean cloth, although it is not necessary you can also use torn pieces of shirt or anything else you have in near access. Moreover, rising the wounded part over the level of heart will also benefit in slowing down the bleeding process.

To Stop Nosebleed

Nosebleeds follow with one of the small blood vessels in the lubricated sheaths of the nose ruptures. Blood might run into the abdominal region too and then can be vomited. However, in the case of nose bleeding, do not turn the head back or don’t force a person to lie down, because this will eventually escalate blood pressure in the head and as a result, the bleeding also speeds up. To limit the bleeding, use your index finger and the middle finger to pinch the nostrils shut for at least 10 minutes this will help in compression of the vein which will curtail the flow of blood.

To Cure Choking

Choking occurs when the path passing through the windpipe is choked. This happens when food that hasn’t been thoroughly chewed gets stuck, or it may occur due to the result of talking while swallowing anything. If you find anyone who seems like choking, inquire them if they’re able to speak. If they are unable to speak, inspire them to a cough. If they fail to do so use your flat palm and strike them powerfully between the shoulder blades so that they will cough up and vomit the item causing choking too.

In Case Of Burn

If you find your friend or a family member burnt ndkbkkklkdlblndkflbnlkdnfbklndlfnsblnfnblskdfnblkndfbnskdfbbsfrom a fire you should take them to the cold water tap immediately and put the cool water on the burnt area for precisely 10 minutes. After that cool the skin with a moisturizer that compresses the skin. It is worth noting that you don’t put ice, butter or anything else directly on the burned area, however, toothpaste in this matter may be a useful cure. You are required to clean the burned area with a mild soap gently and with the tap water to diminish the effects of injuries.